Group Leader: Dr. Sayantan Sarkar

Welcome to the AC3 Research Group at IIT Mandi

We are interested in studying atmospheric aerosols and trace gases in relation to their sources, transport processes and effects on regional air quality, human health and climate change. 

For research/internship positions, please contact:

Recent papers from our Group: 

  • ​Compositional analysis of brown carbon and HULIS aerosol (Environ. Pollut. 2020)

  • Optical properties of brown carbon aerosol in the eastern IGP (Sci. Total Environ. 2020)

  • Source apportionment of road dust-associated trace metals in Kolkata (Sci. Total Environ. 2020)

  • Nature of EC deposition in human respiratory system in China (Sci. Total Environ. 2020)

  • Factors constraining long-term tropospheric ozone profiles in China (Atmos. Environ. 2020) 

  • Factors affecting SOC estimation using CO and EC tracers (Sci. Total Environ. 2019).

  • Regional sulfate-driven long-term AOD rise over Kolkata (Atmos. Environ. 2019).

  • Carbonaceous aerosol profiles and indicators for peat-forest fires in SE Asia (Environ. Pollut. 2019)

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